Hey everyone!

It’s time for me to share the recent news on our project development.

Slush Festival Matchmaking Planning

Slush Festival Stage

As I’ve mentioned in my previous update, thorough planning of the event is more important than just a plain participation. That is why I am keeping my eye on the features organizers offer in order to make the matchmaking go easy.

Slush offers a great opportunity to plan the meetings you need even before you arrive to Helsinki. It’s very good to observe all of the people participating in the event, pick the ones you need and schedule a small talk with them. So I try to take what is best and talk to the right people.

I’ve also modified my schedule for side events, because the events are still being added every day, so I have to choose what is going to be best for Skychain.

Slush matchmaking interface. I got an “active user” icon for scheduling more than 5 meetings already.

Partnership opportunities

Last week I have told you about some possible partnership with experts on ophthalmology, which are interested in creating a joint project with us.

This week I’ve had a meeting with one of them here in Moscow, where we discussed our cooperation and shared our vision on it. As I’ve sent them our conditions of participation, they have returned with their response on it. Unfortunately, I can’t share everything with you, but I feel like we are slowly but surely entering the next stage of negotiations and will soon be about to sign the agreement.

There is also one possible partnership coming. This time it will be an area we are very excited to start working in. Stay tuned!

Event participation

We have added one more event to our roadshow. It will be A!One, the conference on artificial intelligence, one of the largest in Russia.


We have arranged a stand at the startup alley, which will allow us to show Skychain Alpha at it’s finest and draw a lot of attendees. The event is just one month away, so I had to think of how our stand is going to look like. We are also participating in a pitch battle session, where startups have 3 minutes to present their project in front of a very experienced judges in English, which is quite unusual and cool for Russia. I love opportunities like this because I feel like I need to improve my public speaking skill.

Other things

There are numerous things that I need to mention as well, but which are not quite big to focus on. This week I have also contacted Skolkovo on our application (still pending), contacted a possible data provider (not much to tell you about yet), spoke to several event organizers about the events next year, scheduled an appointment with the BDM of one of the largest private health institution in Russia (just an acquaintance and discussion of where we can work together, we’ll probably meet next week) and of course, interacted with the community! This week I’ve wrote 4 articles (it’s more than I did since I joined the project), so I really hope that you like this kind of updates!

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Alexander Oksanenko, Marketing Director

If you have any questions about Skychain, don’t hesitate to write me on Telegram and on email: aoksanenko@skychain.global.

Blockchain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Our website: https://skychain.global/

Blockchain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Our website: https://skychain.global/