Skychain: Update from Partnership Manager on Forthcoming Events

It’s time for us to tell you our plans on the roadshow we are going to have this autumn. We are going to participate in several events, where we are going to present Skychain from its finest side.

Confirmed events:

August 23 — Meeting of the working group “Artificial Intelligence and systems of decision-making support in healthcare”

The first event in our line is the meeting of the working group “Artificial Intelligence and systems of decision-making support in healthcare” in Moscow on 23rd of August. The event is organized by Higher School of Economics (one of the best universities in Russia) and other bodies, which support the integration of AI into healthcare. I, Alex the PM, will deliver a 10-minute report on the benefits of bringing the key players of the market together within one digital infrastructure.

September 12–13 — Intelligent Health

The next one is Intelligent Health, which is going to be on September 12–13 in Basel, Switzerland. The event is considered to be one of the biggest healthtech events in Europe and will gather a lot of professionals and C-level executives in both AI and Healthcare. Our representative Alexander Chub will deliver a Startup Story about Skychain and how it will disrupt (surely!) healthcare industry.

September 18–20 — TechXLR8 Asia Project Kairos

Later on, I will go to Singapore to take part in TechXLR8 Asia Project Kairos, which will take place in Singapore on 18–20 September 2018. This is definitely one of the biggest tech events in Asia. I will exhibit our project and will show everyone what Skychain Alpha is capable of! I also want to take part in a Startup pitching competition and will personally do my best to win it. Hopefully I will manage to draw much attention to our project from media, experts and potential partners.

October 11–12 — IT in healthcare

Further, we will exhibit in Moscow event “IT in healthcare” on October 11–12. The event is the biggest healthtech event in Russia and we surely couldn't miss it. We will show the Alpha from its best side and will try to network really hard.

October 21–22 — Uprise Festival Europe

The last confirmed event, but not the least, is Uprise Festival Europe in Dublin, October 21–22. This is a nice and well organized event; the entrance fee was also extremely nice so we decided to go. I will both exhibit and pitch the project. Will try to win it too!

Awaiting for confirmation:

September 30 — October 3 — Bits & Pretzels Munich

This is definitely one of the most exciting events. The whole idea of making a large tech event simultaneously with famous Oktoberfest is awesome. We have applied to pitch in a competition there. If we get picked by the organizers, we will surely go!

November 5–8 — The Web Summit

We just couldn't miss such a huge event! It will take place in Lisbon, Portugal. We applied to exhibit and now we are waiting for the confirmation from the organizers, because they choose the participating startups carefully.

December 3–5 — AI World Boston

We’re still not sure of going to this event, because we’re not sure if it’s worth making all the way to the US to take part in it. We are still considering the option.

We’ll try to cover our participation at every event in our social media, so you could know how well we’re doing at this direction. Thank you for your support!

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Alexander Oksanenko, Partnership Manager



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