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Today I would like to share with you the update on Skychain development. This article will be mostly about what we did last week. I think it will be a nice idea to do it on a weekly basis on Fridays, so this Friday I will cover this week.

Last Thursday I have participated in a seminar on market entrance for medical innovative medical devices.

“Market entrance for innovative medical devices” seminar. I’m in a light-blue shirt in the bottom left corner.

It was a very valuable seminar, as I got a lot of extra knowledge on the registration process, market overview and more vision on regulation of medical software. I have found out that there are some obstacles for us in Russian law right now.

Decision support systems are considered as other medical devices and don’t have a special status as a SaMD (software as a medical device), like it is in the US. It is crucial to show the state regulators that systems like Skychain do not affect the patient directly; they affect the doctor who has the final word. That is why they need to be regulated in a specified manner.


We have recently applied for Skolkovo membership once again as we were unfortunately declined first time. Now our application surely has much more chance to be approved as we have fixed all of the major points that did not allow us to be accepted earlier. I will remind you that joining Skolkovo will bring numerous benefits for Skychain in the future, like tax benefits, extra funding through grants, marketing and PR support.

We held negotiation with some Russian large-scale experts on ophthalmology on creation of a joint product. We offered them our conditions of cooperation, we will see if they accept it or not. Frankly speaking, there were some cases when so called “experts” just wanted money forward. We are being very careful about the budget we have. I really hope that these potential partners will be focused on cooperation more than on the money.

In December, I am going to Slush Festival to Helsinki, Finland, where I am going to present Skychain at its finest. I’m not only showcasing the product, but I intend to visit some more side events, like meeting with Finnish governmental healthcare executives, blockchain meetings and others. Thorough planning and preparation is about 80% of the whole event participation.

Our main goals for the event are to explore the market, to raise our marketing awareness, get the feedback on Skychain from top-level managers and, of course, find some partnership opportunities! If there are any Helsinki-based Skychain supporters, I’ll be very glad to meet you there.

Slush Festival

I guess that will be enough for this time. If you like this format of project news delivery — tell me about it in our Telegram group (link below).

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Alexander Oksanenko, Marketing Director

If you have any questions about Skychain, don’t hesitate to write me on Telegram and on email: aoksanenko@skychain.global.

Blockchain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Our website: https://skychain.global/

Blockchain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Our website: https://skychain.global/