Skychain Project Development May Update

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since we’ve shared the news with you. The last update was published in January and since then we’ve been relentlessly working on the project every single day.

Skychain Beta

We have been working on Skychain Beta in order to improve the platform usability and stability of its work. Recently we also have published a large visual interface update, which made Beta look much better than it looked earlier.

Also, at this moment Skychain Beta is in the state of full basic functionality. It is absolutely ready for developers, data providers and consumers to join it.

Neural networks

We are currently on the finish line to reveal the neural network on prostate cancer detection on histopathology slides. This neural network has been in development for a long time and now it demonstrates significant results.

At the stage of validation, neural network has identified higher inaccuracy rate at one of the parts of the dataset. It turned out there were some labeling mistakes that have been done by the provider’s specialists. In other words, the neural network found out that it has been taught on the bad data. This part of the data was sent back for the re-labeling. We plan to take it to the clinical trials as soon as we finish its development.

Event participation

We have taken place in every single event we told you about in our previous update ( We do our best to make every single event worth participation.

Moreover, Skychain took part in GovTech Pioneers in Vienna in April 1–2. We have had talks with Austrian healthtech executives. We have signed up for accelerator programmes and are now waiting for the response.

The upcoming events are:

06.06.2019 — Korea Russia Healthcare Cooperation Forum 2019, Moscow

Organized by Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), this forum will bring best Korean healthcare startups to Moscow, where the selected Russian companies (including Skychain) will discuss possible cooperation. By the way, we were gladly invited by KOTRA to join Technical Cooperation Program, where they will assist us in a more thorough search of Korean partners.

14–15.06.2019 — VI International Forum “MIR 2019. Digitalization of diagnostics”.

We are coming there to network, as there will be a lot of potential partners for us. Since our Beta is ready for side companies to join, we will directly invite them to the platform.

20–23.06.2019 — St. Petersburg International Oncology Forum «White Nights 2019»

This event is definitely one of the largest events in oncology in Russia. I will deliver a speech on the convergence of the human and artificial intelligence and how their joint effort within Skychain can dramatically improve the accuracy of diagnostics.

The roadmap update

The roadmap will be updated soon as we still discuss several details on it. We will share the details soon!

I guess this is all for today. Stay tuned for new updates on roadmap and coin swap!

Best regards,

Alexander Oksanenko, Skychain Team

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Blockchain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Our website:

Blockchain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Our website: