Skychain Development November 2020 update

Data preparation

Previously (in September update), we have mentioned the problem we faced during the neural network training. Long story short — the dataset was labeled not quite well, neural network’s accuracy fell, so we initiated the relabelling process.

The Polygon problem

While we were waiting for our dataset to be relabeled by our partners, we haven’t been sitting around twiddling our thumbs. We have paid attention to the way our neural network showcases its own prediction on each exact area.

The example of a line separating the one label into two other

Platform for Whole Slide Image labeling

In our previous update we have also mentioned the platform we are currently working on. We aim to build a small team of experienced independent pathologists, who will label the images and will be well rewarded for that.

Application for pilot testing

Since we are about to finish our solution development, it is time for us to look at medical insitutions where Skychain neural network on prostate cancer might be properly tested.



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Skychain Official Channel

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