Skychain Development November 2020 update

Hello, Skychain community!

We are ready to share the recent news about Skychain project development. In particular, we will cover the news about our solution on prostate cancer detection.

Data preparation

It all went quite well — the neural network is currently being trained on a new, well-labeled dataset. Since it is quite a time consuming process, we expect to know the result of training within next couple of weeks.

The Polygon problem

In certain cases, our neural network has labeled the image in a very inaccurate way, with straight lines crossing and separating exactly the same label into two new ones, which could potentially provide problems in the nearest future.

The example of a line separating the one label into two other

The problem of polygons of the same label is fixed now, indicating the correct borders of cancer tumors and other indicators.

Platform for Whole Slide Image labeling

Using our own platform for image labeling would also allow us to significantly expand the pool of doctors involved in labeling in order to avoid similar mistakes when working with other areas of digital pathology when developing new neural networks of the project.

Since then, we contacted many pathologists who might be interested in cooperation with us. Since we aim to bring onboard only highly experienced specialists, the shortlist of candidates was down to only several specialists, which was subsequently reduced to three candidates we are highly excited to work with in the nearest future. The specialists of 10, 8 and 7 years of work experience in the top-level medical institutions of Russia are about to assist us in tuning our solution on prostate cancer as well as create new solutions in other particular areas of digital pathology.

Application for pilot testing

The main hypotheses we would like to test are about the accuracy of our solution and the value it brings to the medical institutions. We want to quantify everything we can: time, money and the most important — lives our technology might potentially save.

We have recently contacted Moscow Innovation Cluster — the governmental body, which helps projects to link up with partners, which are interested in testing new, disrupting technologies in their facilities. We have picked several large medical institutions we are interested in working with and now we are looking forward to the feedback from them and Moscow Innovation Cluster.

Thanks for the support and stay tuned for future updates!

Best regards,

Alexander Oksanenko, Skychain Team

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