Skychain CEO Gennady Popov’s message to investors (July 2019)

I gladly salute all the members of Skychain community! Thanks for being with us!

What’s going on with the project right now?

Our team has finished the release and internal testing of Skychain Beta! Right now it is a full-fledged product, which has the full functionality required for the Skychain platform. The key feature of the product is developer’s section, which is based on Jupyter notebook for Python language. The majority of data scientists work with this instrument and we have managed to build it in well enough for developer to have the full-scale research capabilities, but not to be able to download the datasets, used for ANN training. The second important point is that developer can not download the trained neural network. Thus, there is an opportunity for a safe and secure cooperation between data providers, developers and consumers within the Skychain platform!

Are there any significant changes in the project?

By earning a significant experience in our own neural network development and Skychain Beta, we are forced to reconsider our plans and approaches for Skychain release. Within next month we will update project’s Whitepaper and will announce the adjusted time frame for the release of the platform.

How is the platform promotion going?

We are pretty active in platform marketing. We are meeting potential partners at healthtech conferences and fairs several times a month.

Other issues

As you know, I am always ready to answer any questions, which you can ask in our Telegram group or directly to me in personal message.

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