Skychain CEO Gennady Popov’s Message to Investors


As you already know, we have recently held a successful ICO and sold SKCH 10.3 million. The total supply is SKCH 12.36 million. SKCH tokens are distributed among Skychain participants as follows:

SKCH Listing on Crypto Exchanges

SKCH was listed on the first crypto exchange, IDEX, in late April 2018. The starting price was about $4. Since then, it has slumped to about $0.80. We are expecting SKCH to be listed on Livecoin in a few days. We are planning to list SKCH on more crypto exchanges to make it easily available to market players.

SKCH Buyback

We are planning to break even this year. As soon as the break-even point is reached, we will use 10 percent of our net profit to buy SKCH tokens back via crypto exchanges.

Market Demand for SKCH

The official launch of the Skychain project is planned for the summer of 2019. After that, SKCH will be used in transactions in the Skychain ecosystem, which will drive the demand for SKCH. Read more:

Skychain Project Team

We are hiring more staff to work on our project. The project team currently consists of 13 people. The following experts will join Skychain in the next month:

Skychain News

We have developed some high-quality diagnostic neural networks:

Our Short-term and Long-term Development Plans

In the next 12 months, we will focus on achieving these four goals:



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Skychain Official Channel

Skychain Official Channel

Blockchain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Our website: