Skychain CEO Gennady Popov’s Message to Investors (June 2018)

Dear Skychain investors and stakeholders, I’m happy to address you once again. I would like to tell you about the project, our short-term plans and long-term goals.

We are releasing Skychain Alpha version within a month. The main engine of it will be our MVP, which will be thoroughly tested and will work for us until the end of 2018.

We will release a pack of medical neural networks, which can easily be tested by addressing them with an image and SKCH tokens.

Currently we are working to release a new website, because the current one was ICO-oriented. We are developing a functional corporate website, where will be special sections for medical big-data owners, AI developers, technical forum and a lot of other sections. This website will help us develop the company within next few years.

We are also shooting a new promo video, which will explain the Skychain, its missions and goals to non-professionals in the form of a nice and beautiful video.

Both website and video will be released within a month.

As I’ve previously mentioned, we are developing neural networks within our MVP, but we have also already started the development of a main core, which will be released in Summer 2019.

Starting from MVP release, we are working just as we intended. We will keep working in accordance with a plan and will release Alpha, Beta and final version right in time.

Thanks to investors, we have everything we need to achieve the goals set!

As I said before, we are developing the neural networks for healthcare. And we also faced all of the problems which Skychain intends to solve: biobanks and medical institutions are now willing to provide the data for neural network training, but offer to buy them. This is very ineffective, because every AI for healthcare developer has to spend a lot of money on data and market introduction.

It will be the same if all transport companies had to sustain themselves on their own, including oil production and reprocessing. This approach is very ineffective and leads to nowhere.

I have convinced myself in necessity of Skychain for the market even more, it will solve all of the modern day problems: will provide the access to the data for AI developers, will give the owners of dataset the effective way of monetization and will offer a rich supply of high-quality medical AI solutions for the consumer. It all will dramatically increase the efficiency of the whole market.

I’m sure that we are making a game changer, which will completely change this market!

Thanks again for your interest and participation in our project.

If you have any questions, you can always ask them in Telegram (@gpopov) or via e-mail (

Blockchain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Our website:

Blockchain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Our website: