Hello, Skychain community! It is time for me to share the latest news about project development.

Event participation

In these two weeks I have participated in three different events. All of them were in Russia and were mostly healthcare-related, however, all of them were completely different.

The first event was a scientific-practical conference “Medical Educational Week: Science and Practice — 2018”, which took place in the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. I took part in a section about the perspectives of IT in healthcare on November 24th and delivered a speech on what Skychain can bring to Russian healthcare system in a short-term perspective.

As there were a lot of healthcare experts, I decided to shift the focus of the presentation to the economy of medical errors and I feel like this was a right decision.

The next event in line was the healthcare conference, organized by Microsoft on November 28th. We are very happy to be invited as it is the sign of a potential partnership coming with them. I‘d like to mention that the conference was held in a very cozy atmosphere. Delivering a speech in a nice restaurant is much better than in any auditorium!

This event was special, because it gathered not only medical specialists, but Chief Innovation Officers and Business Development Managers from some of the biggest companies in Russia (not in healthcare). We are getting noticed by some big companies! I tried my best and tried to network as hard as I can.

Just me casually talking about Skychain

The last but not the least — meeting of the workgroup of healthcare IT-specialists, which took place in National Medical Research Center on neurosurgery on 29th of November. The topic of this event was the application of artificial intelligence in neuroscience, and it took me pretty much time to make a speech for the event, as it mostly featured a lot of real experts.

In my presentation I reviewed different cases of cognitive abnormalities from the developer’s point of view. I tried to explain how applicable can neural networks in cases of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

Here’s a video of my presentation (in Russian):

I honestly feel that I really underperformed there as a presenter, because I didn’t feel comfortable with the topic and the setting around me, that made me really nervous. Sorry guys, I will surely improve. If someone is interested, we can crop the video and put English subtitles in.

Partnership opportunities

Unfortunately, we had a breakdown in talks with ophtalmologists I previously told you about. The price of $50 for each clinical case is way too much. We are spending the money with cautiousness, only one something that can become really beneficial for Skychain.

Instead of them, we have another potential partnership with a dental company. When the deal is done, I will be glad to give more details.

Other news

Well, one of the biggest things this week was our CEO Gennady Popov’s message to Skychain community. Gennady answered the questions which emerged with a downfall of the cryptomarket. If you haven’t read it yet, go ahead and read it!

We got a response from Skolkovo that we need to change the application and add some more documents to it.

I’m going to Finland for Slush festival this Sunday already! I hope I will come back with even more good news to share.

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Alexander Oksanenko, Marketing Director

If you have any questions about Skychain, don’t hesitate to write me on Telegram and on email: aoksanenko@skychain.global.

Blockchain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Our website: https://skychain.global/

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