Skychain biweekly update (14.01. — 27.01)

Hi everyone! We have successfully came back on the track after the winter break and are ready to share our latest news on the project development!

Event participation

We have scheduled our participation in several events at the start of 2019.

First, we have prioritized healthcare events in Russia, since they:

· Raise our brand awareness in Russian digital healthcare community;

· Can lead to real partnerships on domestic market;

· Are relatively cheap to participate.

Events in other countries all over the world are important as well, since we position ourselves as a project with a huge potential of scaling to other regions. Large tech events (like Slush in October 2018) are extremely good for networking and building cooperation. That is why we took decision to take part in Slush once again (now in Tokyo) and considering participation in other conferences too.

Skychain is going to Japan!

The next upcoming events are:

· Telemedforum 2019 in Moscow, February 7,

· International IT Forum in Omsk (Healthcare session), February 8,

· Symposium on Digital Healthcare in Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology, Moscow, February 13

· Slush Tokyo, February 22–23,

· mHealth Conference in Moscow, March 5.

Several more events outside Russia to be added soon.

Beta development

We are on the finish line with the beta development. Our guys are doing their best to do it in time. Next week we will publish a small video about the process of development. Right after the beta release, we are going to publish a brand new neural network focused on the lung cancer detection on CT images.

Potential partnerships

We are actively working in this direction and there are some good advancements here. Can’t give you more details, but we really hope to share the news soon!

Stay tuned for new updates!

Best regards,

Alexander Oksanenko, Skychain Team

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