Skychain biweekly update (03.12. — 16.12)

Slush Festival

Slush Festival, which took part in Finland, Helsinki on 4th and 5th of December, was truly one of the best events ever. Thousands of attendees, mostly startups and investors, gathered to shape the future. What can be greater?

A very blurry image of me pitching
Slush Crypto Evening
Some pics from Slush

Skychain Beta release

The work on Beta development has started weeks ago. However, we still had the final details and the visual realization of it to be discussed. That is why the team has had some meetings to sort everything out.

A!ONE conference

Last week Skychain has also participated in A!ONE conference, which took part in Moscow, 14–16 of December. It was a very nice conference. There were not many regular visitors, as the prices for passes were pretty high. But instead of them there were a lot of great speakers, real AI experts and evangelists.

Skychain stand at Startup Alley



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Skychain Official Channel

Skychain Official Channel


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