Skychain biweekly update (03.12. — 16.12)

Hello Skychain community!

It is time to update you on event participation, partnership opportunities and other news. Sorry for such a delay, as I couldn’t do an update on last Friday due to being busy at A!ONE conference.

Slush Festival

Slush Festival, which took part in Finland, Helsinki on 4th and 5th of December, was truly one of the best events ever. Thousands of attendees, mostly startups and investors, gathered to shape the future. What can be greater?

On the day before the event, I went to a side event, organized by Magnusson, one of the largest law firms in the Nordics. I am very grateful to them for the wonderful opportunity to present the project to the event participants.

A very blurry image of me pitching

After the presentation in front of many potential investors and C-level executives, we had a great chance to get the feedback on Skychain and discuss the possible common ground for cooperation.

The next day, as Skychain did not have any opportunities of speaking or presenting at the day-time, it was time to network through the matchmaking app. There were scheduled several meetings with healthcare executives from various countries just to get some brief view on how the governments support digital transformation. It was very useful to get the valuable insight on potential markets. The same day in the evening, I was invited to Slush Crypto Evening. Unfortunately, no speaking opportunities, but a lot of networking! It was nice to meet the representatives of several exchanges and personally pitch them the idea of listing SKCH on their platform.

Slush Crypto Evening

On the last day, Skychain had the exhibition stand at the Slush, and it was a very extremely busy day. I barely had the opportunity to have a snack, as people were coming to our stand and asking more and more questions. It was especially nice to see the representatives from large tech companies, like GE Healthcare and Amazon, praising the project and wishing us the best of luck.

Some pics from Slush

Skychain Beta release

The work on Beta development has started weeks ago. However, we still had the final details and the visual realization of it to be discussed. That is why the team has had some meetings to sort everything out.

On one of the meetings it was decided to spend more time and release the Beta in a more polished state than to release it a raw version of it. So, be patient, guys!

A!ONE conference

Last week Skychain has also participated in A!ONE conference, which took part in Moscow, 14–16 of December. It was a very nice conference. There were not many regular visitors, as the prices for passes were pretty high. But instead of them there were a lot of great speakers, real AI experts and evangelists.

We were given a space on a Startup Alley, where we had the opportunity to showcase Skychain Alpha to all of the visitors. On the very first day, we also had a pitch session for the major investors like David Yang (co-founder of ABBYY, partner in “Band of Angels”) and Marvin Liao (500 Startups). Now they know who we are!

Skychain stand at Startup Alley

Participation in A!ONE was very productive as there were a lot of potential partners from medical institutions for Skychain. We’ll see if turns out to be profitable for us.

CoinMarketCap listing

We finally did it! CoinMarketCap has finally listed Skychain. This small step took us excessively much time, but we hope that it will pave the way for us to other potential goals in cryptomarket.

The last but not the least — Merry Christmas!

Skychain wishes you Happy Holiday season! It is a very good time for us to say how we appreciate your support throughout this exciting year. With all you kind words, we will put all the effort to make the next one even more successful!

Don’t forget to spend this wonderful time with your nearest and dearest and tell them how much you love them.

Much love,

Skychain Team

If you have any questions about Skychain, don’t hesitate to write to Alexander Oksanenko on Telegram and on email:

Blockchain infrastructure aimed to host, train and use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Our website:

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