Hello, Skychain community!

In this development update we will share the latest news about the project development, partilcularly about the internal test we’ve held.

In February we’ve held the internal test of our product on prostate cancer detection. At this stage it is very important for us to reveal all possible weak points of our product in order to do the final work on it on our way to market entrance.


The test was held in February with the support of Department of Pathology of Moscow Central Hospital, which has been our partner since our very start. …

Hello, Skychain community!

We are ready to share the recent news about Skychain project development. In particular, we will cover the news about our solution on prostate cancer detection.

Data preparation

Previously (in September update), we have mentioned the problem we faced during the neural network training. Long story short — the dataset was labeled not quite well, neural network’s accuracy fell, so we initiated the relabelling process.

It all went quite well — the neural network is currently being trained on a new, well-labeled dataset. …

Hello, Skychain community!

We are ready to share the recent news about Skychain project development. In particular, we will cover the news about our solution on prostate cancer.

Data preparation

Unfortunately, during our internal testing we have stumbled upon a problem of data quality. The second dataset, which was acquired from our partners, had some serious issues in terms of quality of their preparation and requires us to wait for some more time since we need it to be labelled more thoroughly and accurately. But we have some good news about the whole situation — after we initially started training the neural…

Hello, Skychain community!

As we draw closer towards the testing, today we would like to share more details on our solution on prostate cancer (mostly, technical ones). Some of the details have already been featured in this post 1 year ago, so today we will show how far we have advanced since then.

Data preparation

Histopathological slides for the training of the neural network were prepared and marked out by the specialists from Moscow Central Hospital. On each of the 560 histopathological slides, 8664 labels were marked out, where each belongs to 1 of 7 different classes. …

Hello, Skychain community!

You haven’t heard anything from Skychain team for a while, but we would like to change it. The COVID-19 outbreak had a minor influence on the project, the team has been on a lockdown for two months now, every team member is safe and is working remotely from home.

As for the project — in this post we would like to share the outline of the tests, which we are about to conduct in the nearest time. …

Hey guys! As promised, I want to do a little update on the project.

1. Communications on the project

It so happens that we are more focused on development: we have a team of programmers increased by 3–4 people in the last half of the year, we also in the coming months will hire an additional 10–15 doctors to help develop our neural networks. Alexander Oksanenko has switched to technical work — he is engaged in clarifying the requirements to the functionality of our products and communications with developers.
As a result, we have a situation where no one is engaged in communication with you. This is our failure.

2. Development status

For the last year we have been focusing on neural…

Hello, Skychain community!

Today we’ll be sharing the latest news on the project development.

Skychain Prostate Cancer Recognition Demo

We have published the Prostate Cancer Recognition solution for the validation by medical specialists. Here you can see the video review of this solution and see how it works!

We plan to start the validation within the next month. After that, we will recieve the feedback and will adjust it, so it could be more accurate and precise. Next year, we are planning to start the clinical trials in order to prove its accuracy scientifically!

Event participation

We have recently participated in several events, let us tell…

Hello, Skychain community!

Skychain has made it to the Health Hub Vienna Batch #4 — an acceleration program for the best European healthcare startups! In this article we will tell you all about the program and the process of how Skychain was picked.

Initially, Skychain was one of 15 projects (picked from more than 180 applications) invited to pitch its solution personally in Vienna as part of Selection Board process.

On the day of arrival, the organizers arranged an icebreaking networking welcome evening with the drinks and food. …

Skychain Global took part in AI Camp — one week intensive course focused on project development in AI. That was an awesome experience! We would like to share the details about our participation in the event.

AI Camp was held on the basis of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology — one of the best universities in Russia. This university has its own Phystech accelerator, which was actually the organizing side. The general partners of the camp were Data Monsters — a Palo Alto-based R&D lab and consulting company, which provides professional services with AI and Real-time Big Data.

I gladly salute all the members of Skychain community! Thanks for being with us!

What’s going on with the project right now?

Our team has finished the release and internal testing of Skychain Beta! Right now it is a full-fledged product, which has the full functionality required for the Skychain platform. The key feature of the product is developer’s section, which is based on Jupyter notebook for Python language. The majority of data scientists work with this instrument and we have managed to build it in well enough for developer to have the full-scale research capabilities, but not to be able to download the datasets, used for ANN…

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